[Linux-aus] Goodbye AUUG, hello phoenix

James Purser purserj at k-sit.com
Thu Sep 14 18:28:03 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 15:33 +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
> Perhaps, Linux Australia needs to be reviewed, and, more than has been 
> suggested.

> Linux is a UNIX, or, a UNIX derivative, but the converse is not true.
> So also, with BSD, Solaris, OpenSolaris, SCO UNIX, AIX, DG/UX, etc.
> And, from what I understand, the different "flavours" of UNIX still 
> exist, and are used, and, are used by large or substantial, commercial 
> (and other) organisations, whether or not, Linux people like it.

Personally, I do not have a problem with the existence of the
proprietary *nixes (with the possibility of SCO UNIX, however a couple
of years therapy might help). They fulfil a role and would not exist if
there was no demand for them. It is my own personal belief that Linux
and the other FOSS *nix variants could offer more but that is not to say
that I am going to demand that everyone give up using what they feel
most comfortable with just because I say so.
> I think that MySQL might not be Open Source, and, its licensing, is 
> different to some other equivalent software (like PostgreSQL, I think).

Just a quick point, MySQL releases everything under a dual licensing
system, GPL and a proprietry license for those who produce proprietry
software and wish to include MySQL code.

> For example, if VMWare is not Open Source, it should not be excluded 
> from Linux Australia discussions and events, due to it not being Open 
> Source, as it has, from what I understand, great benefit to some Linux 
> users.

True VMWare is an excellent tool, I use it myself, however in a FOSS
context wouldn't it be better to look at building up the available FOSS

> But, do discussions about MS Windows, and, implementations of Open 
> Source software, on the MS Windows platform, really belong in the Linux 
> area?

This is the crux of the question, are we a linux only org or have we
grown to include others in the FOSS community. Personally I think we

> Apart from the "Linux Australia Conferences", Open Source Developers 
> Conferences have also occurred, so Linux Australia does not own the Open 
> Source movement in Australia.

We are not making a claim to "own" the Open Source movement, however we
are probably the largest community support organisation in the country
with a focus on FOSS.

> So, perhaps, Linux Australia neeeds to be reviewed, to determine 
> excatly, its purpose and objectives, and, how they relate to the other 
> issues and entities.

Regularly looking at the organisation, its motives and what we can do to
best serve our members is always a good thing.

> And, if AUUG has problems, as mentioned on the cited web page, and, 
> appears to be falling in a heap, then, perhaps, a new version of AUUG, 
> could be formed, to support UNIX in Australia, as had previously 
> happened (back when AUUG(WA) used to have meetings in West Perth), so 
> that people who use/administer the different "flavours" of UNIX, can 
> still meet and support each other.

AUUG's issues are their own, and I think separate to our considerations.
AUUG fulfills a role for those who may not agree with our way of doing
things, and for those who work extensively with the proprietary *nixes.

I wish them all the best.

From my readings of the community, we've moved on from being focused on
developing Linux to using Linux. This means that there is a whole
generation of new users who's focus is using and tweaking the
applications that allow them to do what they need to do rather than
building the foundations.

We also have to recognise that there are members within the LA community
who don't necessarily wish to use Linux, but they are none the less
using Free and Open Source Software, whether its OpenOffice on Windows
or Blender on Mac OSX.

> Those are my thoughts,anyway.

And they are always welcome, whether I agree with you or not :)

Well these are my thoughts, you may have noticed I've used personally
and personal a lot through this message, I just wanted to make sure that
this is taken as my opinions and not the opinions of the ctte or in any
official capacity.
James Purser
Producer/Presenter - Open Source On The Air
A LocalFOSS Production
irc: #localfoss on irc.freenode.net
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