[Linux-aus] Request for Grant from Linux Australia for Ubertweak

Elspeth Thorne elspeth at thorne.id.au
Wed Sep 13 13:49:02 UTC 2006

Glen Turner wrote:

> Elspeth Thorne wrote:
>> Request: Any sponsorship material is welcome, however, we would 
>> appreciate assistance with transport costs. We need to transport 
>> approximately 50 people to the camp site (in Toogoolawah, Queensland) 
>> from Brisbane. The service we have used in previous years is 
>> unavailable, so we are using an alternative bus service, which is 
>> costing us approximately $400 above the budgeted figure. A grant to 
>> make up this shortfall would be greatly appreciated.
> Folks,
> Despite my reservations about people of my religion not being
> permitted in a supervisory role, I think this an activity LA
> can support. Although I'd feel much better paying for something
> more directly FOSS-related than the transport.

I'm currently reworking the proposal to take account of this.

> Because of my reservations, I'd feel more comfortable if
> this was a one-off because of the budget shortfall.

Indeed, that is the intention of my request - we've been running this 
camp for 11 years now, and this is the first time we've run into a 
problem quite this large, which accounts for my being a bit of an 
amateur at this process. I would, of course, be more than happy to 
distribute LA materials at future camps (and this one, if it can be 
posted in time), and emphasis FOSS more in our future publicity, 
including promotion of the local LUG-equivalent, humbug, pending the 
exec's decision.


Elspeth Thorne.

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