[Linux-aus] Travelling Melbourne -> Canberra?

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Fri Nov 24 07:44:03 UTC 2006

Hi LA,

This is a bit of an odd request but I was wondering if anyone is driving
from Melbourne to Canberra in the next 2 weeks. The new
mirror.linux.org.au server is in Melbourne and we need to get it to
Canberra, and I don't entirely trust couriers for that sort of thing:
I've shipped servers around before and had them arrive rather bent out
of shape, so if someone is making the trip soon and wouldn't mind
sticking a machine in the boot please let me know. I'd sooner trust an
LA person than a random courier to transport the machine with the TLC it

Alternatively, suggestions for couriers with a *good* reputation for
looking after delicate hardware would be much appreciated.

Cheers  :-)
Jonathan Oxer
Ph +61 3 9723 9399
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