[Linux-aus] NZNOG 2007: CFP: Network Systems Administration MiniConf

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Thu Nov 23 09:59:05 UTC 2006

                        Call for Presentations for
       NZNOG 2007: Network Systems Administration Mini-Conference

In conjunction with the NZNOG 2007 conference (http://www.nznog.org/),
we will be holding a network systems administration mini-conference
on the tutorial day, Wednesday 2007-01-31.  The NZNOG 2007 conference
will be held in Palmerston North between 2007-01-31 and 2007-02-02.
Registration at the NZNOG 2007 conference is a mandatory prerequisite
for attendence at the mini-conference; we expect there will be no
additional charge.

The mini-conference's focus is on "Layer 7" issues to do with network and
ISP operations, including providing customer services (email, DNS,  etc)
and provisioning and management topics.

We are now seeking proposals for presentations at the mini-conference.
We have openings for:
- 50-60 minute full presentations
- 25-30 minute half presentations
- 5-10 minute "lightning talks"

Presentations are expected to be directed at a technical audience, and
focused on a system administration area related to network or ISP

Some possible topics:
- Email servers and spam filtering techniques
- DNS servers, registry systems
- server security and best sysadmin practices in an internet provider
- VoIP servers
- network management / monitoring tools
- Netflow, routing, and traffic analysis tools
- server tuning for high performance networking
- provisioning tools
- honeypots and other security techniques
- network based storage
- high availability and disaster recovery for network services
- virtual machine technology for network services
- *nix based routing and fire-walling
- tools you need that you may not know about

We are happy to discuss the suitability of other topics with intending


- proposals due by 2006-12-04
- selection advised by 2006-12-11
- draft program published by 2006-12-18
- presentations 2007-01-31

Please send all proposals and questions to <talks at nznog.miniconf.org>

Simon Lyall and Ewen McNeill, Conveeners

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