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Andrew Donnellan ajdlinux at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 15:09:03 UTC 2006

I have multiple websites running on Drupal and I like it a lot.

On 11/17/06, Damien Bezborodow <damien at uts.net.au> wrote:
> - Lack of native GUI editor

Firstly, HTML is not that hard. Secondly the TinyMCE module is quite
easy to set up.

> - Lack of object orientated design (especially cumbersome when building
> modules)

I don't know a whole lot about this but there are a whole lot of
modules out there to download already. The main problem for the LA
site is memberDB.

> - Pathetic theme system

Same comment as above.

> Granted, the hooks system is easy to use for simple tasks.
> I've been playing with Plone recently. Have you considered using it?

Been suggested multiple times :)

> Typo3 would be next on my list, but it's very complex, cumbersome and
> rather fusty. Apparently good for very large sites.

I've tried Typo3 and just said 'nuh uh, this is WAY too complex...'
Also LA is not a very large site by my measures.

James, as you said MemberDB integration is important, however I would
suggest a possible rewrite of MemberDB in whatever language we end up
using. IMHO it is a bit too complex for a relatively simple members
database+elections system, also if we end up using Zope or Django or
another Python based system with an object database it would be very
easy to port and simpler than the current system.

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