[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Website

Paul Coldrey paul at ensigma.com.au
Fri Nov 17 09:48:20 UTC 2006

My experience with Typo3 would suggest it is not a good alternative for 
Linux Australia. If there is a guru out there who wants to set it all up 
then maybe it would work. No doubting it is a great piece of work but it 
is very complex and a complete pain to set up and and develop within. 
It's great strength seems to be it's permission systems - which for 
Linux Australia are probably not worth much. It does have a WYSIWYG 
content editor and provides impressive client-side functionality that 
seems to work well in all browsers,..... but, it is still a beast :-)



Damien Bezborodow wrote:
> I have a solid year's experience with Drupal and I must say that its a
> horrible system to work with. Its biggest drawbacks in 4.6 that I
> encounter every day are:
> - Lack of native GUI editor
> - Lack of object orientated design (especially cumbersome when building
> modules)
> - Pathetic theme system
> Granted, the hooks system is easy to use for simple tasks.
> I've been playing with Plone recently. Have you considered using it?
> Typo3 would be next on my list, but it's very complex, cumbersome and
> rather fusty. Apparently good for very large sites.

Paul Coldrey

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