[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Website

Daniel Tandowski daniel at tando.com.au
Thu Nov 16 10:20:02 UTC 2006

Hi James & List,

I'm quite glad you brought that up, because as a web developer, I have 
had long (silent) concerns about the quality and attractiveness of the 
Linux Australia website.

One of the things I remember many years ago that first got me into 
linux, was the great community websites, with excellent humour, images & 

I also have a thought to throw out there: Maybe linux.org.au & 
linux.com.au should be seperate, linux.org.au being similar to how it is 
now, simply information about the orginsation, and linux.com.au being a 
more commercial, user friendly community site!?

Anyway... all that said, if you need any help, I would be more than 
happy to put my hand up for this project!



James Purser wrote:
> Dear Members,
> At the Linux Australia Committee Face to Face meeting various things
> were discussed. The state of Copyright in Australia, the place of FOSS
> in our day to day lives and little Chinese lettuce things.
> Apart from those vitally important topics, one thing did come up. The
> state of the Linux Australia website. Its far past time that the site
> was updated, and by updated I mean completely rebuilt from the ground
> up.
> So as the person who insanely put his hand up to lead the website
> rebuild I am extending an invitation to all who would be interested in
> helping out with the rebuild of the website. You can respond either here
> or off list.
> To give you a brief idea of what I am looking at:
> - Must be easily updatable by "non-techies"
> - Must be easily extendable
> - Must be able to facilitate e-commerce (a topic for a further email)
> I'm looking for people who have skills in web development and graphic
> design. Anyone is welcome to contribute.
> And much much more.

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