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flame flame at fraq.net
Wed May 31 11:03:02 UTC 2006

Hi All,

Please comment on the following grant application.


Date: 29-05-2006

Project Name: APhPLIX Development Studio

Aim of Project:
APhPLIX Development Studio is an open source WebBrowser-based Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment which is used to create APhPLIX applications.  An APhPLIX application is a dynamic, WebBrowser-based application which looks, feels and acts like a regular window-based application.  APhPLIX utilizes DHTML, AJAX, DOM, Javascript and PHP to create this unique style of application.

As a WebBrowser-based, RAD environment, APhPLIX Development Studio incorporates a WYSIWYG form builder, PHP/Javascript code editors and an SQL database administration interface into a single application which allows developers to design, develop and deploy APhPLIX applications. APhPLIX Development Studio allows developers to quickly and easily produce a dynamic, multiuser application with a consistent and familiar window-based user interface.

Although a number of other RAD tools exist, there are currently no other single solution tools for producing APhPLIX-like applications.  While other tools may provide partial solutions for developing DHTML/AJAX applications, only APhPLIX Development Studio VM with its unique combination of features and simple, intuitive interface, delivers a complete, innovative, full application development life cycle environment, with the simplicity of an appliance.

Person Responsible for Request: Jared 'flame' Herbohn

Request: $1677

APhPLIX Development Studio is currently in beta and can be used to create applications compatible with a range of Linux & Windows based web browsers. Once web hosting for the project is arranged it will be available for download as a PHP 5 application and as a VMware virtual appliance. The VM version is a complete Linux based appliance requiring almost no configuration and is less than 10MB to download. APhPLIX Development Studio is licensed under the GPL.

$377	Web hosting (2 years)
Web hosting for the project requires a large data transfer allowance, PHP 5, SVN support, shell access & Anonymous FTP. DreamHost (www.dreamhost.com) offers a plan that fulfills all of these requirements for US$11.90/mth pre-payed for 2 years. Other options for hosting would be acceptable so long as they meet the listed requirements.

$1300	Mac mini	To test cross-browser compatibility.
As this project relies heavily on the functionality of the host web browser it is important to run full testing on a wide range of web browser platforms. We currently have both Linux and Windows machines for inhouse testing. In the past we have been offered external testing on Mac platform browsers, however this has proven to be ineffectual and we require a Mac for proper inhouse testing and debugging. With this hardware we will be able to perform continued testing on all available Mac platform web browsers and where possible ensure that APhPLIX Development Studio will operate correctly under them.

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