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> May, 27. Saturday. Midday. 12.00. Come to the place in your city where
> meetings usually take place. If you don't know where to come, go to the
> administrative buildings where the government is. Just have a walk. You
> will probably meet some of your acquaintances or friends, and also those
> people you have never seen. All those for who OpenSource is not just a
> sound, will be there. Those, who managed to find 30 minutes of their free
> time to support others. To come together with the whole planet. When you
> will say hello to each other, smile and talk, know, that somewhere someone
> came to the same place in their city together with you. Let's show the
> world, how many of us are there! The planet is big. The midday will come in
> different time in each place. At first it will happen in the East, then in
> the West. The time will come when somewhere people will come together. Even
> if I will be the only one to come in my city, I will know that somewhere
> there are people who will come together with me. We can show, how many of
> us are there. How many of those, who want to make the world a better place.
> Let's do it! We will be together! The future depends on us!

If I understand correctly, the author is asking for another Software Freedom 
Day [1]. True?

[1] http://softwarefreedomday.org/

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