[Linux-aus] Withdraw the Application for $2000

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Fri May 5 21:00:02 UTC 2006


I too would encourage you to continue with the process.  It has been my 
experience that uber-geeks tend also to be uber-inquisitive, however the 
Monty Python reference of "nobody expects the Spanish inquisition" might 
be applicable here :-)

I think what you're accomplishing in these remote communities is 
fantastic and ought to receive our unqualified support and praise.

I am in Perth so if you or any of your contacts/colleagues ever need 
support out this way please let me know. (I am a long-time Unix/Linux 
user/hacker and recent convert to "juicy Ubuntu goodness" as someone 
else here called it.)

Warmest regards,
Paul Antoine

Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> Hi Sokar,
>> I  withdraw the application for $2000 to buy computers from IT share
>> for two FOSS LABs
> That's a great pity because from what I've seen of your proposal it
> appears to be an extremely worthwhile project, and it's definitely the
> sort of thing that Linux Australia should be supporting.
> I hope the public discussion and questions on the mailing list weren't
> the cause of your withdrawal of the application: the discussion is not
> intended to be a "look into this bright light" interrogation, it's
> really just a chance for the members of the organisation to see how
> its money is being spent and to have input into the projects that are
> funded. Since we're an all-volunteer, community-funded organisation
> we've settled on an assessment process that's very open, but it's
> probably a bit disconcerting to people that are not familiar with how
> we operate and so I apologize if you feel you have been treated
> unkindly.
> If you are still interested in going ahead with the project I hope you
> will consider allowing your application to continue.
> Regards,
> Jonathan Oxer
> President
> Linux Australia
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