[Linux-aus] President's Report, May 2006

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Wed May 3 11:37:02 UTC 2006

On 5/3/06, Jonathan Oxer <president at linux.org.au> wrote:
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> = Recent Events
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> * Connecting Up 06
> Connecting Up 06 finished up yesterday in Adelaide, and once he's got
> everything sorted out and had a chance to breathe I'll ask Paul Schulz
> to provide a brief update for next month's President's Report.

I had the opportunity to speak at this conference, wearing my LA hat,
on the benefits of OSS for community groups and NGOs.  The talk seemed
to be well received, with quite a few questions raised in the talk and
immediately afterwards.

What was most encouraging was that I asked the audience how many had
OSS strategies or plans for their organisation - I'd say about 90% of
them raised their hands indicating they had considered or were
considering adopting OSS in their group.

The most significant issue raised in questions was re-training
(specifically the effort required to train people to use OOo instead
of MS Office).

I'll let Paul Schulz respond on the reception he received from LA's booth.

Shar and Compress!

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