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[Linux-aus] fwd: [FOSS-PDI] UN recommends open source

Hi all,

I found this fantastic! Have a read and pass the message on to people who
need to understand FOSS is relevant :) Tell your parents, bosses, clients,
social groups, non profit orgs and schools. This isn't a business economic
thing, and not a technical thing. FOSS is far bigger than that and who
better to say that then the United Nations :)



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UN recommends open source
(BNamericas.com Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)The United Nations has
recommended its members use open source software, particularly in areas
related to health, education and international commerce, UN inspector
Dominique Ouredrago said during a speech at the II international open
source conference in Spain.

According to Ouredrago, in two of its reports the UN considers open
source as the most appropriate vehicle for the development of its

In Latin America, countries such as Brazil and Venezuela are in the
process of migrating all their applications in public entities from
proprietary software to open source, while in Peru the local government
is discussing a law to promote its use in the public sector.

In the Argentine private sector, nearly half of local companies with
over 1,000 employees use some type of open source application, while 18%
of the companies not using Linux are planning on migrating to open
source in the future.
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