[Linux-aus] grant proposal

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Fri Mar 24 13:13:01 UTC 2006

Hi Paul,

<quote who="Paul Wise">

> Until I get some idea of how much the debconf organisers can give me, I
> don't know. I'm guessing AUD $500-$1000.

$500-1000 is a lot easier to work with, for starters it is within the
monthly budget ;)
> Partial travel sponsorship for a conference doesn't seem to come under
> any of these. Apart from perhaps any work I get done during debcamp. I
> don't have any specific plan for debcamp yet, depends on who is there,
> possibilities include debian-gis, i18n/fonts, QA, general (RC) bug
> fixing/release process, and I also had an idea to go through debian's
> many patches and send appropriate ones upstream.

I guess that LA likes to help people to do cool stuff, and if you had some
specific goals it would make it easier to justify some money. The BoF you
were thinking of running sounds interesting. Maybe if you offered to give a
talk at a LUG after DebConf so there was some connection to the local
> > Be a member or affiliate of Linux Australia
> Don't think I am either of those. Only contact I've had with LA was
> talking to pia on irc.indymedia.org in #oceania, and these emails.

You can join up as a member for free at http://linux.org.au/membership
> Yeah, hence my hesitation in mails to the committee.

Fair enough. I think that a grant really should linked somehow to the local
community in order to be funded, otherwise we open up the floodgates to
everyone wanting to go overseas. I could be wrong, the Grant Scheme is still
quite new and we are still working through what fits and what doesn't, what
do others think?
> > Paul, if you can get partial funding by Debian or another sponsor, perhaps
> > it would make more sense for LA to help out?
> Yeah, that is the idea, the Debconf sponsorship people would source most
> of the funds and LA would provide a smaller amount to enable me to go.
> Any ideas for other places to look for funding?

Hmmm, again if there was a specific project you were working on perhaps
there would be vendors or groups you could approach.


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