[Linux-aus] grant proposal

Paul Wise pabs3 at bonedaddy.net
Thu Mar 23 14:34:02 UTC 2006

[I'm now subscribed, CCs no longer needed]

On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 16:07 +1100, Pia Waugh wrote:

> Please let us know how much you are actually asking for and what the
> benefits to the community are.

Until I get some idea of how much the debconf organisers can give me, I
don't know. I'm guessing AUD $500-$1000.

Benefits to the community (quoting my mails to the committee):
None of this is specifically for the Australian FOSS community:
Looking at that page, some comments:

> The request must:

Partial travel sponsorship for a conference doesn't seem to come under
any of these. Apart from perhaps any work I get done during debcamp. I
don't have any specific plan for debcamp yet, depends on who is there,
possibilities include debian-gis, i18n/fonts, QA, general (RC) bug
fixing/release process, and I also had an idea to go through debian's
many patches and send appropriate ones upstream.

> Support for organising an event or conference

I suppose if I volunteer to help out with organising while I'm there, I
can satisfy this.

> Be a member or affiliate of Linux Australia

Don't think I am either of those. Only contact I've had with LA was
talking to pia on irc.indymedia.org in #oceania, and these emails.

Not really sure whether I should send a proposal, any advice?

> The grants scheme is really about helping Aussie projects and people
> to do great things

Yeah, hence my hesitation in mails to the committee.

> there is a bit of a precedent for not paying money to send people
> overseas

Yeah, thanks for that pointer.

> Paul, if you can get partial funding by Debian or another sponsor, perhaps
> it would make more sense for LA to help out?

Yeah, that is the idea, the Debconf sponsorship people would source most
of the funds and LA would provide a smaller amount to enable me to go.

Any ideas for other places to look for funding?


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