[Linux-aus] fwd: Education expo report

Harry WWC harry at woodward-clarke.com
Mon Jun 26 14:44:01 UTC 2006

Hi Pia et.al.,

from the "other side of the stand" ;')

My 12 y.o. son said to me on the way home that the 'Linux stand' was
"the best" and he had "the most fun" there. And he thought Tux was
pretty good value too.

After getting home, he really enjoyed looking through the CD's of
goodies. He loves his badge. He was a little disconcerted when he booted
his machine in the morning and it wanted to install Linux - he'd left
the cd in the drive :')

Thanks one and all,



Harry Woodward-Clarke
imago Dei in quolibet hominé inveniartur

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