[Linux-aus] Legal community and DMCA

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Sat Jun 24 09:23:04 UTC 2006

If my reading of this DMCA stuff is right then

The legal community in AU could well have parallel interests in this 
debate. If the DMCA laws make the US patent/copyright holding companies 
have right of way over any AU law then that spells trouble for au legal 

ie US corporate lawyers on behalf of businesses will be the people 
defining law in AU causing erosion of AU legal community's knowledge and 

There would be no legal framework that the Australian legal community 
could come to court prepared with because they would be combatting
a law defined by a company and represented by the lawyers of that 
company. The company could change the licensing on the fly changing the 
grounds for any court case, making it difficult to access to updated 
copies of licenses which would define the new law.

Is this a correct reading?


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