[Linux-aus] Re: Translation of some of the Swedish piracy party debate.

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Thu Jun 22 20:44:02 UTC 2006

Francesco Peeters wrote:
> On Thu, June 22, 2006 13:29, Janet Hawtin said:
>>Francesco Peeters wrote:
>>>All power to the Piratpartiet!  :-)
>>>I think I'll move to Sweden. The weather is not that much worse than in
>>>the Netherlands anyway...  ;-)
>>>The Dutch government is making me sick more and more every day. Always
>>>the forefront, always being the first to screw their own people in EU
>>>matters, and a PM with his arm up DubYa's a**e up to the shoulder!
>>>I would seriously consider voting for a Dutch version of the
>>Could you start one?
> I do not have time to fulfill all my obligations as is *and* have a family
> to provide for, so that'd be a big "no"...
> Not to say I didn't consider it, but it is just not practical in my
> current situation!
Yep entirely fair enough. I am being cheeky, =)
but its an interesting thought isnt it.

Cheers from here


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