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Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Thu Jun 22 18:29:03 UTC 2006

Janet Hawtin wrote:
> Janet Hawtin wrote:
>> Hello folks
>> Egil Moeller a member of linuxsa has kindly translated some of the 
>> Swedish piracy debate into english on his blog.
>> http://redhog.org/
> also from Egil:
> http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/%22Avast_ye_scurvy_file_sharers%21%22:_Interview_with_Swedish_Pirate_Party_leader_Rickard_Falkvinge 


Piracy Party:

Their main homepage is located at http://www.piratpartiet.se
Unfourtunately bablefish doesn't support swedish, so there's no way you
can read the whole site. However, the really important information, like
their mission statement, is available in english at

Some general information:

Memberships in various swedish political bodies:
v 		11000 left party (about 10% of parlament)
muf 		 8503 conservative youth
mp 		 7862 green party (about 10% of paralament)
pp 		 7079 Piratpartiet
kdu 		 4620 Christian youth

The 15th o june, Piratpartiet, Liberal Youth, Left Youth and Green Youth
organized a joint anti-copyright demonstration which gathered about
700-800 people in total in Stockholm and Göteborg.

What swedes thinks about the seizure of The Pirate Bays' servers:

Of swedes w internet at home: Wrong: 58%
Of men: Wrong 66%, Right: 30%
Of women: Wrong: 48%, Right: 45%

The debate about copyright reform is going on in every major papers'
political section, and the TPB seizure was covered in all national news.

About the Swedish democracy:

Sweden have a representative democracy, where each party gets seats in the
paralament after the number of votes they got. However, a party must
collect at least 4% of the votes to get any seats at all. To register a
new political party, you have to collect 1500 signatures (which
Piratpartiet did in just two months time).

The swedish general election is due in 88 days.

More information and statistics about previous elections can be found on


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