[Linux-aus] Tonights talk and oggcast.

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Fri Jun 16 20:21:02 UTC 2006

Terry Dawson wrote:
> If you participated in tonights talk and oggcast I'd like your feedback 
> on how the format went. Did the oggcast/IRC format work for you? Did any 
> of you experience any technical or other issues?
> Is this something you'd like to see Linux Australia do for other events 
> or issues as they arise?
> What worked?
> What could we do to make this work better?

I thought it worked really well.
We dropped out but reloading got us back on quickly.
We have had intermittent faults our end so that is likely our problem.

Someone send Mr Purser some Penguin Mints.

Rusty has earned his break.

Can we invite reps from government and law to participate?
Would be great to invite them to respond to these questions in a future 

Can we send the interview to someone like radio national
so they can do follow up interviews looking at issues raised?

Can we get this chap to talk at an LCA and with our government
reps while he is here?

\o/ yay


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