[Linux-aus] Re: Hello to all from SA

Andrew Donnellan ajdlinux at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 07:17:02 UTC 2006

(Just remember in Oz SA generally means the state of South Australia!)

Would your main problem be getting visas or what? Finding employment?

On 7/27/06, Oliver CNSISP <support at cnsit.co.za> wrote:
> Hello to all from SA, I wonder if any one on this list could offer any
> advice.
>  my wife, myself and 2 kids are trying to apply for citizenship in australia
>  what are the prospects over there
>  my skills range from linux servers, workstations, network cabling, hardware
>  and software support etc...
>  maybe someone knows of a company willing to sponsor. I would gladley work
>  for a boss again.
>  thanks to all
>  cheers for now
> Oliver
> Service Director
> Tel: 031-7081480
> http://www.cnsisp.co.za/
> Email: support at cnsisp.co.za

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