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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
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Hi all,

I thought I would forward this as it is a great opportunity for some
Australian gaming hackers to win some money hacking on the GP2X, which is a
sweet (and extremely cheap! apparently less than AUD$200) little device for
gaming that runs mainly open source stuff.

Anyway, check it out and get your gloves out to win up to US$5000 for
"commercial" games or up to US$500 for Open Source games :) Details on the
website under "Overview and Conditions".



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Subject: [Press] MEDIA RELEASE - Global GP2X Linux Coding Competition Announced.

MEDIA RELEASE - Global GP2X Linux Coding Competition Announced.

Gamepark Holdings are keen to strengthen the ties between Linux developers
and the GP2X by announcing the first global GP2X Game & Application Contest.

The first prize in the Commercial Games category being $5,000US and a second
prize of $3,000US, Gamepark Holdings are serious about supporting Linux
software development and the GP2X community.

With the latest stable SDK from Gamepark Holdings and the Edge game engine
now supporting the GP2X, Australian Linux developers will be able to show
the world just how gracefully they can make that little penguin dance on the
GP2X, entries close 1st October.

-------------------------------------------------------Contest website:

Manufacturers website:

Edge Game Engine website:

Community website:

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