Fwd: [Linux-aus] anyone for an open-source-beyond-the-black-stump miniconf?

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Jul 6 11:23:02 UTC 2006

Hi Rohan,

<quote who="Rohan M.">

> So how does one become an 'offical LA backed community FOSS rollout-er' so
> to speak?

LA is a community based org, and if you have a great idea and want to LA
brand it, then just let us know :) We have a sub-ctte/working party
structure where anyone can ask LA if they can be the LA reps in that space
to do projects and the like (I've had a few people offer to run an education
sub-ctte for instance). So if you have an area or specific event you want to
run as an LA event then just do so. The LA ctte are all volunteers and
projects are driven from the community. The only things the LA ctte try to
ensure run (by helping, delegating, and begging :) is linux.conf.au which is
run by the winning bidding team each year in conjunction with LA, SFD as a
national event, and the Education Expo, all of which include volunteers. We
also will likely participate in CeBIT events from now on with LA stands, but
volunteers all around Australia  do "LA" events. It looks good, gives a
consolidated community approach and image, and frankly is more sustainable
than having a ctte that burns out trying to do everything. The whole point
of LA is to bring the community together and empower everyone to do cool

LA is a tool, a tool for all of us to use to achieve what we care about on a
common platforms of the shared values of FOSS. At the core of it, we all
believe in software freedom, in personal freedom, in a technocratic approach
and in the right to do what we want. We should all use LA as the
megaphone/tool to help us achieve our goals, regardless of what specific
distro, projects or social community we abide in.

</soapbox> :)


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