[Linux-aus] Software Freedom Day 2006

Pia Waugh pia at linux.org.au
Thu Jul 6 10:55:03 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've already sent this to the sfd at lists.linux.org.au list which is where
most of the team leaders can exchange notes about their events to ensure
that we all rock! :) It is also a way to ensure we all get across positive
messages about Software Freedom to the general public. The work Janet Hawtin
has done in creating documents and posters about this is a great example! :)
Join the SFD list at http://lists.linux.org.au to share what you are up to
and to help make the day bigger and better than last year.

Last year we had every state covered with a total of 15 teams. Who else is
going to come on board!

Linux Australia can help with public liability insurance and also with
coordinating schwag from the SFD people so everyone has stuff to give away,
however I suggest you register your own team immediately on the SFD website
(see below) for your free stuff, and I also suggest starting to approach
local companies and organisations for support for the event. You may need
cash to buy stuff, you may need a venue, you may need schwag. Whatever it is
try to get local companies to put in a little and then ensure they get value
from the day by having business cards or their logo on your collateral.
Sustainable teams means we can grow bigger and faster.

Software Freedom Day 2006 is approaching and I thought I'd announce a few

* SFD has open for team registrations (for free stuff! :) at
  http://softwarefreedomday.org/registration so everyone get in early to
  ensure you get your stuff.
* A useful start guide is available on the SFD site for you to get ideas and
  such. See http://softwarefreedomday.org/StartGuide Make sure you read
  through the reporting bit so that other teams around the world can see
  what you are up to.
* There is going to be a competition announced soon for a variety of stuff
  including best event, best photo and best logo. Details will be on the SFD
  soon but once you register your team I'm pretty sure you'll automagically
  get that announcement.
* As per last year, Linux Australia will cover the public liability for the
  event all over Australia.
* I'm on the SFD board this year, so any ideas, input or volunteering at
  that level are welcome :)

It would be great to see what everyone is planning so please share ideas. If
you hear of a team doing something, make sure they are on the list so we can
better collaborate a fantastic nation-wide event!!

Looking forward to it!


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    "We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be
                            free." - Bill Hicks

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