[Linux-aus] Linux fo schools

Rohan M. rohbags at purplesock.net.au
Wed Jul 5 23:58:04 UTC 2006

Hi Evan,

> just a quick question.  I remember reading on this mailing list, about a
> Linux distribution that was made basicly for use in schools.  It had the
> backend functionality, and frontend, whether it was thin, or thick
> client.
> I was just wondering, if anyone could tell me what the name of the
> distro was (my memory is kinda shot, and my inbox doesn't go back that
> far :().  I think the distro was either being developed, or just used
> widely in Finland, but ehn again, I could just be misleading myself.

Here's a little list from wikipedia...

Education Oriented:

    An Ubuntu-based distribution promoted by the local government of
Andalusia, Spain for home users and schools (cf. EduLinux,

    A distribution started in Norway as an affordable thin client
distribution for schools (cf. EduLinux, Guadalinex).

Edubuntu Linux
    A version of the Ubuntu distribution for education, including LTSP

    A distribution for educational purposes (cf. Guadalinex, Skolelinux).

K12Linux and K12LTSP
    A distribution for educational purpose. K12LTSP comes with LTSP
support.   Fedora core based.

    A distribution for educational purposes. Debian based.

see this link
for more info and links to distro's sites.



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