[Linux-aus] OSS Game Miniconf?

Tim Ansell mithro at mithis.net
Wed Jul 5 14:42:04 UTC 2006


I was wondering if anyone was interested in an Open Source Game
Miniconf? Gaming is on area where many believe that OSS can not compete.
It is also one area which is preventing a large number of people from
totally removing there Windows partition/computer.

>From the projects that exists that out there however, it appears to me
that this is not the case and I think getting OSS game developers
together would be a cool event.

It might be an idea to combined it with a Arts/Multimedia/Music

I'm going to try and run an Embedded Miniconf (which I will post more
information about soon) so I can't really run this one too! :)

Any takers?

Tim Ansell

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