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Romana Branden romana at timelady.com
Wed Jul 5 11:36:05 UTC 2006

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Janet Hawtin wrote:
> LinuxAU is a broad church.
> This is a Janet view, not a LinuxAU view.
> For me this issue has become more fundamental than
> the restriction with an exemption path allows.
> These laws are coming on behalf of a lobby group through the US
> government. They are part of a widely deployed treaty between nations
> who all similarly were coerced with the threat of trade sanctions if
> they did not comply.
> I do think the petition is an important step in raising the profile of
> the issue with the AG and the general public.
> But if we really do not want a DMCA style law here with the associated
> restrictions and company led court cases I doubt it will suffice to
> convince local politicians that local people are not in favour.
> The US government is arguing to its own people that they cannot back
> down on the DMCA because theyve signed a treaty with other nations.
> But the fact that there are people very angry in the US about the impact
> of these laws, and in France, and in the UK, and in Sweden,
> anywhere where invention is valued and freedom is part of a way of life.
> I think its time to ask for a referendum on DMCA.
> If we contact the groups in other nations who are feeling
> disenfranchised by this method of importing law on behalf of a business
> group we could stand a better chance of raising the issue to a level
> where the international profile of this law is such that it
> cannot be conscionably passed.
> Perhaps this is not a correct approach feel free to differ.
> I just feel it will need to be broader than an AU initiative.
> Janet

there is no doubt that dmca is a huge issue in many countries,not just
ours. it makes sense to unite efforts as much as possible.

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