[Linux-aus] Voting has started

skribe skribe at amber.com.au
Wed Jan 18 10:38:02 UTC 2006

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 09:39, Steven Hanley wrote:

>  I imagine neither Tony or Pia accepted their presidential nominations.

You imagine but you don't know which is my entire point.  As members we're 
entitled to know.  That's the reason for having transparency.

> Jon really is a pretty good LA pres IMO so I think it is not a bad thing
> per se that he is un contested. 

Surely that is up to the membership to decide.

> Also I like the idea of at least 2 years in 
> office with htis (assuming the person in that position is willing to do
> that)

Once again that is up to the membership to decide.  At least until there is a 
constitutional change granting extended terms.

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