[Linux-aus] Nomination for Ordinary Committee Members

Tim Ansell mithro at mithis.net
Sat Jan 7 16:27:01 UTC 2006

> > Apart from that I get what you're saying, but we seem to be caught in a
> > catch 22 situation. The companies say they wont develop for linux until
> > there is a market, and the market wont exist until people start seeing
> > that there are alternatives.
> Well, the main problem is that people tend to think the above have to be
> developed by companies (rather than community run free software projects),
> and have to be proprietary, pay-per-copy in order to be profitable
> endeavours. (MMORPGs in particular oughtn't to suffer from this, since
> an open source engine, and paying for an account on well-maintained and
> popular server ought to be feasible; but there's the initial investment in
> doing graphics and AI and so forth that's still a blocker)

Currently I can think of the following MMO(RP)Gs which run on Linux.

A Tale in the Desert
Second Life (in beta currently)

None of the clients are open source but they all do run on Linux. It
nice that the more interesting "niche" games have Linux support (as I'm
most interested in them).

If you are looking for Open Source MMORPG games you could try,

Worldforge - http://www.worldforge.org
Eternal Lands - http://www.eternal-lands.com/

There are also a bunch of others who names escape me at the moment.

If your more of a Sci-Fi Empire builder you could try out my project,

Thousand Parsec - http://www.thousandparsec.net/ 


Tim Ansell

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