[Linux-aus] old hands and new blood

Donna Benjamin donna at cc.com.au
Fri Jan 6 06:14:02 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've found the discussion about old hands vs new blood kind of curious.
The underlying current seemed to suggest that having both kinds of
people involved was mutually exclusive.

Surely an organisation such as Linux Australia needs both? The 'old
hands' tacit knowledge of how the organisation got to where it is can
rarely be adequately documented, and their wisdom is vital to ongoing

On the other hand the 'new bloods' bring energy, enthusiasm and
different perspectives. These are just as critical for an organisation
to continue to grow and evolve. 

It's yin and yang, and accepting the need for a constantly shifting
balance between these elements should be in our thoughts as we vote for
the new committee. Let's not forget how much Linux itself has changed,
and the growing constituency of developers, users and uses it has. 

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