[Linux-aus] Nomination for Ordinary Committee Members

Jon maddog Hall maddog at li.org
Fri Jan 6 10:33:02 UTC 2006

>> as the saying goes "Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft".

>I can name three, so far. (-:

I have several talks I give along the lines of:

"The Ten Reasons Why You Think You Can Not Use Free Software:
        ....and the ten reasons why those ten reasons are crap."


"Fables and Foibles of the Computer Market Today"

where I address such hogwash as "Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft".

I answer it in two sentences:

"It is true that no one ever got fired for buying Microsoft.  They got fired
because the project did not work, and with closed source software there was
NOTHING they could do about it."

I usually follow that statement with a question:

"How many of you have successfully sued Microsoft because their software did
not work?"

Or "How many of you buy your stuff from large companies, because they will be
around a long time (companies like WANG, Prime, Data General, Digital
Equipment Corporation, Compaq....)"

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