[Linux-aus] Re: LCA: bringing the process forward

Del del at babel.com.au
Thu Feb 16 10:52:02 UTC 2006

> IMHO (and keeping in mind that I'm speaking as someone who has never
> organised an LCA!) it would be a big advantage to have the winning
> team known at least 18 months in advance, giving them at least 6
> months as apprentices to the current team before taking on the main
> role themselves. Ideally I'd like to see the 2008 decision made by
> June or July this year, with the winning team then officially grafted
> onto the 2007 team as apprentices. Then the 2009 team apprentices to
> the 2008 team, and so on. It sounds like the APS process takes this
> even further, with decisions made 24 months out so the winning team
> are apprentices for the 2 events prior to their own.

Given that we have a winning bid from Sydney and a 2nd place (were
there others?) bid from Melbourne for 2007, would it not make a certain
amount of sense to quickly ask the Melbourne 2007 bidders if they are
happy to go with an identical bid for Melbourne 2008 and hand it over
to them on that basis?

Then we can call for bids for 2009 later in the year and have a rolling
process going.

(Speaking as someone who is regularly involved in the organising of an
annual conference for 12,000 + people, and yes the organising team of
year X's conference is known 2 years in advance.  Although the conference
venue is fixed and unchanging so it makes it somewhat different to what
we are trying to do and the teams are chosen somewhat on a rotation basis,
but the same principle works).


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