[Linux-aus] LCA: bringing the process forward (the whole message this time!)

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Wed Feb 15 12:41:02 UTC 2006

Damn, hit Send before I intended to. Doh!

Hi LA,

As was mentioned at the LA AGM and LA Update at linux.conf.au, there
has been discussion recently of bringing forward the selection process
so that bids for host cities can be submitted and evaluated sooner and
more assistance given to those wanting to submit a bid.

Traditionally with LCA and the AGM in late January teams have pitched
fairly late in the year with the next venue officially announced at
LCA itself. The teams involved are usually provided with the outcome
shortly before LCA to give the winning team time to prepare postcards,
promotional material itself. This timeframe then gives the winning
team 12 months to make all the necessary arrangements.

This has worked well so far and there's no point changing things just
to be different, but comments from a few people have suggested that
maybe we need to make a few adjustments to the process. From various
people I've heard:

 * 12 months is no longer enough time to organise an LCA.
 * 7 months is plenty of time to organise an LCA.
 * The requirements of a pitch aren't defined well enough.
 * The requirements are deliberately vague to test your ability.
 * It's better for delegates to know further in advance for planning leave.
 * More than 12 months notice will decrease attendance at prior event.

As you can see it's pretty much impossible to make everyone happy!

What I want to do though is try bringing the whole process forward to
see what happens. There are a number of teams who began to get up to
speed for a 2007 pitch and it would be great to keep that momentum
going rather than putting them all on hold for another 12 months. I'd
like to see pitches for LCA2008 being seriously discussed around the
middle of the year with a decision made well before LCA2007, even if
it's not announced until LCA2007.

So if you've been thinking about pitching for LCA, the time to get onto it
is *now*. And if you have specific suggestions about the selection process
please make yourself heard.

Cheers  :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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