[Linux-aus] Re: Squiz.net Open Source License - is it free?

Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Thu Feb 9 15:06:02 UTC 2006

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 04:37:32PM +1100, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> At 2006/2/7 16:40+1100  Pia Waugh writes:
> > Personally I'd like to see a broader definition of "open source" to include
> > open licences, open standards, open knowledge and open community before [...]
> I think the distinguishing factor about "open source" [...]
> However, if you have the situation where the code isn't open source,
> but you have all the other "features", there is nothing an outsider
> can do about it.

With an open standard, you can create your own version of the software
that acts in the same way.

With open knowledge, you can create new software that does similar things in
new ways.

With an open community, you can build one the existing work in small ways, without
having to do a whole chunk of work yourself.

It's not a very open community if an outsider can't join it and do useful
things, for instance. So I think the other stems are worth thinking about,
even in the absence of an open source license.

Of course, with an open source license, you can delve into the software
yourself and recreate your own knowledge, or create your own standard,
or build your own community. All of those are probably easier things to do
(or easier to live without) than rewriting the software, it's worth noting.


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