[Linux-aus] Dunedin: thanks for all the fish!

Jonathan Oxer president at linux.org.au
Tue Feb 7 10:15:01 UTC 2006

Hi Organisers,

Now that LCA2006 is over (sigh) and everyone's lives are starting to
return to normal I want to publicly thank you for the incredible job
you did putting together the conference.

Not only did you manage to pull off the conference in a small town
outside Australia, but you did so with style, set a new standard for
the way things should be run and raised the level of expectation for
future events.

For the record, the core team was:

  Mike Beattie
  John Jenkins
  Alex King
  Nick Phillips
  Kelvin Sim
  Drew Whittle
  Tony Breeds

The core team was also supported by a bunch of helpers who undertook
specific tasks such as running the partners program, managing the
website, assessing paper submissions, running the rego desk, building
the conference network, running the Planet, organising miniconfs,
organising BOFs, and so many other little things that slipped by
relatively unnoticed outside the organising team but were a vital part
of making the conference a success.

The level of effort and commitment involved in running an LCA can't
possibly be appreciated by those of us who just turn up and enjoy the
fun. So, to everyone involved in organising and running linux.conf.au
2006: thanks for all the personal sacrifices you made so it could
happen. It's more appreciated than you can imagine.

Thanks also to IBM and HP (Emperor sponsors) and Intel (King sponsor).

And for those who didn't make it along, check out
http://planet.linux.org.au/lca2006.html and
http://lca2006.linux.org.au/ to see what you missed out on and make
sure you come along next year!

(/me starts another round of applause for the 06 crew)

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer
Linux Australia

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