[Linux-aus] PLI for Bettong.org

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 09:27:02 UTC 2006

Greetings folks, Hi from Brisbane*

Bettong.org is a group of people based in South Australia.
We are doing computing projects with community focus and open source
technologies. We have recently been granted INGOTs Academy status for
our Linux Desktop training.

One current project is to do Linux Desktop Training for a Community
Centre in Marree, South Australia.
We have been offered a grant to cover transport and accommodation
costs by the SA Community Education group.
This funding is dependant on us having PLI (public liability
insurance). We currently dont have PLI.
We are wondering if it would be possible for linux.au to cover us for
PLI either for this project or for the group's projects in general. We
would be happy to credit the sponsorship in either case in project
promotions and materials, and to keep linux.au uptodate on projects we
are undertaking.

When I get back to Adelaide* I do have full proposal details for the
project if this would help in securing insurance for the workshop.
(3 days of training covering bronze level INGOTS using Ubuntu Badger
live CDs, we are also taking up an SME server for the team to have a
look at).

Hoping you can help us.

Cheers Janet and Bettong.org team

*Still on the return journey from linux.conf.
Back in Adelaide on Wednesday evening.

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