[Linux-aus] Re: Squiz.net Open Source License - is it free?

Andrew Donnellan ajdlinux at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 08:04:04 UTC 2006

To put it this way: the OSD is the DFSG minus Debian.

The OSI is now becoming more and more irrelevant. Open source is a
very generic term that is bent in many ways.

Anyway, as the license violates the DFSG, it violates the FSF Four
Freedoms and the OSD as well.


On 2/5/06, Del <del at babel.com.au> wrote:
> Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> > Another analysis with more explanation.
> >
> > I have asked FSF and their response was clearly non-free.
> That response may or may not be more useful than the discussion
> on the debian-legal list, however I don't find that discussion
> useful.  The arbitrators of open source licenses are the OSI,
> not the Debian team nor the FSF.  Remember that the debian-legal
> team only discuss one distribution of Linux, and the FSF only
> promote one (GPL) of the many free software licenses.
> Probably best take the discussion to the OSI and see what they
> say.
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> Del
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