[Linux-aus] Re: Squiz.net Open Source License - is it free?

Tim Connors tconnors+la at astro.swin.edu.au
Mon Feb 6 05:53:02 UTC 2006

On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Sridhar Dhanapalan wrote:

> On Monday 06 February 2006 00:42, Sridhar Dhanapalan <sridhar at dhanapalan.com> 
> wrote:
> > (like the license for OpenSolaris).
> >
> > BTW as an aside, it's spelt "licence" when used as a noun and "license"
> > when used as a verb. Same with practice/practise and advice/advise.
> D'oh! I just made the same mistake! That's what happens when you see people 
> repeating the same error over and over again. It rubs off on you :(

Nah, you're just keeping to the rules of a proper speeling flame.  All 
conformant speeling flames must include at least one speeling eror.

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