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Holger Levsen debian at layer-acht.org
Sat Dec 16 09:59:01 UTC 2006


On Tuesday 12 December 2006 12:28, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Holger's done a lot of good work with video for Debian and is also
> co-maintainer of FAI, and I'd expect that he'd be able to give a talk at
> the Debian miniconf at LCA too. 

Sure (and thanks). I already offered one and a half to Jonathan and Pascal ;) 
Though on different topics: debian-edu and live-package (thats the half talk, 
as I cannot tell so much about live-packages internals, only about my fai- 
and debian-edu autobuilds of it.)

> Having some more cross-pollination between 
> LCA and DebConf would be good in general too, for both events, I think.

I think so too! :) I'm definitly curious to see how LCA feels and is organized 
and the video preperations I've seen so far look _very_ promising!

> One other thing I'll throw in: the LA ctte's discussed a couple of times
> the possibility of helping to organise national tours for international
> guests -- so that if someone interesting is in the country, they have
> a chance to visit Perth or Cairns or Adelaide as well as just Sydney
> or Melbourne. I don't know how much time Holger's likely to have,

Well, originally I planned to stay for around a week longer in .au then LCA, 
but Silvia already asked me if I could give a presentation at the SLUG 
meeting on the 26th. So now I'm planning to stay until the 27th. 

The limiting factors are my dog, which I have to take care off at some time 
and a customer project which has to be finished on Februrary 15th and which I 
doubt I can do completly while travelling around .au ;) So basically between 
after LCA and before the 26th I'm free to travel around, provided I have 
network sometimes.

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