[Linux-aus] Countdown to linux.conf.au 2007: 32 DAYS TO GO

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Thu Dec 14 12:42:02 UTC 2006

Countdown to linux.conf.au 2007

    32 DAYS TO GO


 1) Another cat out of the bag! This time it's Chris Blizzard, keynoting at
    linux.conf.au 2007... Chris is a director of the Mozilla Corporation,
    heads up One Laptop Per Child software development at Red Hat, and has
    hacked on numerous projects including Mozilla and GNOME. Addicted to the
    bleeding edge and driving mass adoption of Free Software, he is a one
    man Statler and Waldorf. Chris has the words "freedom" and "innovation"
    tattooed under his eyelids. This announcement should not be used as a
    factual reference on Wikipedia.


 2) If you're in town for linux.conf.au, and you're a multimedia developer
    working on Free Software, make sure you don't miss the Foundations of
    Open Media Software (FOMS) developer meeting, held on the Thursday and
    Friday ahead of the main conference. This is a no-holds-barred working
    meeting put together by developers, for developers, to map out the next
    steps towards open media and Free Software world domination. Check out
    their website for more information.


 3) Registrations have shot through the 500 mark, and we haven't even hit
    the traditional one-month-to-go Procrastinator's Spike yet! Jon Oxer
    knows the score. He can smell inevitability a mile away. Make sure you
    register soon, to secure your spot at linux.conf.au -- not to mention
    on-site accommodation and dinner tickets... Oh wait, I just mentioned
    them. Over to you, Jon.


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- Jeff Waugh
  The Seven Team

linux.conf.au 2007: Sydney, Australia           http://lca2007.linux.org.au/

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