[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Coffee fundraiser orders now required!

Kim Hawtin kimhawtin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 18:08:04 UTC 2006

Hi Paul,

Paul wrote:
> I'm thinking of organising this on a semi-regular
> basis if it's popular and there's demand for it,
> so next time hopefully there'll be more notice
> to organise bulk orders :-)

Ok, decided to try it out =)

Been looking at "KALDI_fundraising_brochure.pdf"

We're up for two kilos;

  Blend = 01 Kaldi signature blend
  Grind = C, Plunger Grind
  Size = 1kg

  Blend = 06 Nachi Rainforest Alliance Blend
  Grind = C, Plunger Grind
  Size = 1kg



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