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Brent Wallis brent.wallis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 06:05:02 UTC 2006


On 12/4/06, Janet Hawtin <lucychili at gmail.com> wrote:

> > - Remember that things worthwhile take time...
> > > If we dont refute their misconceptions and educate them, it will take longer for
> > > FOSS to permeate into those areas that we would want them to be.
> > Take the time you think it will take and "multiply by 20"... this is
> > the way things work...it has taken YEARS and will take many more, and
> > if you ever get disheartened, then do what I said on this list a
> > couple of years back..."ponder what has happened the last 10 years and
> > how far we have come..." I gaurantee you will smile for a long time
> > afterwards...:-)
> Brenda does seem to have her work cut out for her.
> I am not in a position to understand how the conversations about IT
> are shaped but I do understand that Brenda is concerned about the risk
> of misinformation on open source technologies.

All worthy and I would hate to see any form of promotion discouraged ,
but you do touch on a problem that differentiates FOSS from other
forms of marketable "things".

By it's very nature, the diversity that FOSS generates is also the
most difficult thing to consitently market to a wider audience.

There is a journo that contacts me every 6 mths to ask if client x y
or z wants to do a story on their Linux/FOSS success. None of mine
will do it....no matter how much I cajole.

I would hazard a guess that ANY worthwhile Linux/FOSS story will be
accepted by the IT media at the moment if it is presented correctly.

Before lobbying pollies, first set the "mood" in teh general
population. This is what politics is all about. A few good Linux/FOSS
stories in the media right now and for the next few months would be a
very productive step.


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