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Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Sun Dec 10 21:46:02 UTC 2006

I support this, but I would like to see Holger's talk videoed(!)  
because I think this is valuable reference information that we can  
share far broader than just FOMS/LCA.
This is an issue that a number of LUGs (and open source conferences)  
struggle with -- capturing and distributing high quality presentations.

It is also a rapidly warming up topic (not quite "hot" ;-) at  
Universities (audio is hot, video is still catching up) -- it would  
be good to see if Library/EdTech people could be encouraged to come  
to Holger's talk too (i.e. I'd like the grant recipients to make a  
special effort to specifically contact the appropriate people at  
Sydney Unis about the presentation, because this is a good  
opportunity to get OSS into that space in Unis).


On 09/12/2006, at 10:21 AM, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:

> Dear Linux Australia,
> I'm part of the organising committee for FOMS 2007 (11th-12th January
> 2007), Foundations of Open Media Software, a developer
> meeting/conference which is an offspring from the former audio/video
> miniconf of LCA . FOMS is built around a similar model to the Desktop
> Architects meetings of OSDL, but with a focus on media technologies
> and applications.
> We have put together an awesome list of speakers/projects, see
> http://www.annodex.org/events/foms2007, and will be addressing many of
> the challenges that digital media technologies still face on Linux.
> Some of the speakers will require sponsorship to attend FOMS.
> This is a request for a grant from LA to sponsor the conference. In a
> chat with Pia, she suggested that rather than ask for general
> sponsorship, I pick one particular speaker who will bring value to
> Australia and request you sponsor him. So, more concretely, this is a
> request to sponsor the trip of Holger Levsen (cc-ed).
> Here is my grant application:
> Date: 6th December 2006
> Project Name: FOMS: Foundations of Open Media Software, Conference
> Aim of Project:
> The aim of FOMS is to get the right people together to take the next
> steps in open media software. We will meet and discuss next year's
> plans of open media software developers and forge relationships to
> unwind the kinks, making open media kick ever more ass.
> Aim of this Grant application:
> The aim of this grant application is to sponsor the trip of Holger
> Levsen (http://layer-acht.org/) to FOMS. Holger is one of the key
> organisers of the video recordings at FOSDEM, at debconf since 2004
> and now also a organiser of debconf.
> Holger has made it possible that debconf's talk videos are available
> in a timely manner and streamed live. He has set up reliable
> infrastructure and can tell a tale of success unparalleled with open
> media software. He has also developed tools to support these tasks and
> publshed them as open source software.
> With this grant, Holger will come to Australia and attend FOMS, he
> will also stay on for LCA and help out with the video recordings at
> LCA, and Holger has offer to give a talk at SLUG.
> I believe the most important reason that Holger should be sponsored to
> come to Australia is to enable Australian open media software
> enthousiasts, which will be gathering at FOMS and also at LCA, to have
> an exchange of experiences, tools, ideas & recommendations with
> another successful overseas expert and to create links into the
> overseas communities.
> Person Resposible for Request: Silvia Pfeiffer
> Request: Holger's trip will cost at current estiamte approx EURO
> 1.300, i.e. A$2,198; I'm requesting LA sponsorship of A$2,000 - FOMS
> will cover the remainder.
> Best Regards,
> Silvia.
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