[Linux-aus] Linuxworld Success!

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Sun Apr 9 02:34:02 UTC 2006

Pia Waugh wrote:

(When I read this the first time it stuck in my brain for a while and I 
wasn't sure... The answer has finally popped out.)

> I wanted to give a little summary of what happened at Linuxworld and how it
> relates to our community. The quick synopsis:
> It rocked and loads of people want to know about FOSS and community!

I think it's great that we're doing all these events, and a little 
writeup to say thanks is cool, but I think we're missing something 
important here...

I would like to see an analysis for these sorts of events of:

  - what worked well
  - what didn't work well

So, for example, perhaps we learnt that the most effective way of 
getting people to the booth was the offer of a free gift? Did people 
care about CDs? Did we find that we needed more people on the booth than 
were allocated, or did we run out of something important? How do we 
ensure that the people we did abandon with a free CD are supported into 
the future?

I think it would be cool if future such summaries could include a 
"lessons learned" section, and perhaps for those to be aggregated on 
some LA page so that people running an event in the future can avoid 
making the same mistakes over and over.


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