[Linux-aus] Linuxworld Expo 2007 (was Linuxworld Success!)

Matthew Williams linux-aus at wilber.pointclark.net
Tue Apr 4 20:18:01 UTC 2006

Why not combine the Linuxworld 2007 Expo with the CeBIT IT Expo in 2007 just
like how it used to be back in 2000/2001 with the joint Networld+Interop/IT
Comdex/Linux Expos?


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> Hi all,
> I wanted to give a little summary of what happened at Linuxworld and how
> relates to our community. The quick synopsis:
> It rocked and loads of people want to know about FOSS and community!
> So, now for the longer version. We had a Linux Australia stand in the
> show, which was seemingly one of the most busy stands for the entire three
> days. We had some wonderful volunteers help out [1] and they did a great
> in informing people, and at the next SLUG meeting (on friday) saw new
> members who had seen us at Linuxworld, so it is a success already at such
> short notice of the next meeting.
> The OSIA stand also did well, so congratulation to those people, in
> particular David Elson and Donna Benjamin. Donna also put in loads of time
> for the AV for the Linuxworld conference, so many thanks to her.
> The conference was pretty good, we had some great speakers but it was at
> times a little commercial (pesky sponsors). On the other hand Government
> was great! Every single speaker was excellent and had something really
> interesting to talk about and I am hoping that Government day spurs many
> conversations about how FOSS is relevant above and beyond business case
> reasons.
> So, now we can prepare for CeBIT next month (May), after we've all slept
> this one off :) We also have Software Freedom Day coming up in September
> start thinking about cool activities for that. I'll be coordinating both
> Linux Australia stand for Cebit and the SLUG Software Freedom Day (and any
> national stuff that needs to happen for SFD, such as insurance and such
> last years effort). Last year we have 15 Australian LUGs participating in
> Software Freedom Day, lets try and double that this year :)
> [1] Many MANY thanks to the volunteers who helped out, and especially to
> Lindsay Holmwood who was the team leader, and to Jeff Waugh who provided
> eye candy (Dapper Drake xgl, what else did you think I meant ;). Also many
> thanks to Steve Walsh who ran around doing required foo (like picking up a
> wig for Peter Quinn and getting the SLUG pamphlets printed).
> - Lindsay Holmwood
> - Jeff Waugh
> - Steve Walsh
> - James Gray
> - Mark T
> - Stuart Rushton
> - Craige McWhirter
> - Stuart Rushton
> - Sara and Mohammad Kaan
> - James Purser
> - Martin Visser and his son :)
> - Jon Oxer
> - Stephan Borg
> - Donna Benjamin
> - Peter Lieverdink
> - Darryl Lynch
> - Mark Phillips
> - Terry Dawson
> - Scott Gourlay
> - Simon Wong
> - Ben Martin
> Rock on Australia!
> Cheers,
> Pia
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