[Linux-aus] Utter tripe in CIO magazine

Raphael Kraus raphael at raphaelkraus.net
Fri Apr 7 12:34:03 UTC 2006

G'day Ashley and all,

ashley maher wrote:
> Actually I agree with a carefully worded response, however, the
> arguments put forward are hardly poor.

I can't say that I totally agree with you. The article is cynical even 
by the author's definition, and offers little objectivity on the matter.

Some points of his are quite good, and offered as his point of view. My 
criticism of the article is that no actual references are made to Linux 
advocates objectives, goals and points of view - rather they are assumed 
and/or implied. This is not even to say that the author is wrong, he 
just hasn't backed anything of what he is implying, but does make an 
indirect quote (without reference) to substantiate his claim. The 
conclusions he draws and evaluations he makes from the facts as he sees 
them are extremely positional and we are unable to tell if the rest of 
the market feels the same way he does.

It would be nicer to see a more "balanced" view in an article aimed at 
CIOs and technology managers and professionals.

All the best.


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