[Linux-aus] President's Report, April 2006

Jonathan Oxer president at linux.org.au
Thu Apr 6 09:59:03 UTC 2006

Hi LA,

Something I've been very slack about recently has been reporting back
to the community on the various things we've been up to, and I
apologize for that. I undertake that from now on I'll send a brief
report to the linux-aus list at the start of each month so if you
don't see anything from me feel free to hassle me about it.

In the report I'll include all the various sub-committees even if they
haven't been up to much recently. I'll also include information about
the various grants that have been issued.

If you're on a sub-committee and you don't like seeing "Nothing to
report" under your section, well - send me something to report!

= Project Sub-Committees
* linux.conf.au 2007
As has been mentioned on the list already, last weekend was the annual
"Ghosts of Conferences Past" where previous organisers passed on their
accumulated experience to the new organising team. At this stage the
Seven team are having fortnightly meetings to all the long-range tasks
sorted out, and they have already worked through the copious notes
from Ghosts and made progress on quite a few areas. Seven have now
begun reporting to the LA Ctte directly on our teleconf.

* Education
Nothing to report.

* Advocacy
Nothing to report.

* Media
Nothing to report.

= Administrative Sub-Committees

* Mirror
The LA mirror (mirror.linux.org.au) was relocated in February but has
otherwise continued to operate flawlessly. It contains up to date
mirrors of the kernel, Debian, Debian backports, LiveLAMP, the LA
podcasts, video content from Linux Users Victoria and Sydney Linux
User Group, and the LCA2005 CD.

* Admin
We are currently waiting on delivery of a shiny new HP server that
will replace Digital, the existing primary LA server. Once the new
machine is set up we hope to offer a wide range of services to LUGs
and community groups such as website and mailing list hosting.

* Press
Nothing to report, but general information is available at:


= Grants

* Teen Challenge SA Inc-Murray Bridge
Report from Kylie Willison, Regional Director for Teen Challenge SA
Inc-Murray Bridge:

"Teen Challenge SA Inc-Murray Bridge received a grant of $1500 from
Linux Australia to assist us in our Computer Training Program.  This
program provides low cost, basic computer skills training to the local
community.  Funds were provided for the following:

-rent for our training room
-stationery - printer toner, copier paper, pens, folders etc
-cd burner

Our training program was greatly assisted by the grant.  Approximately
thirty students benefited from Linux desktop training.  Some students
gained employment after their training, others started as raw
beginners and went on to complete several of our courses.  Two
students are now trainee instructors with Teen Challenge.

As well as desktop computing skills students learn about Linux and
Free & Open Source Software. Due to the purchase of the cd burner we
are now able to distribute The Open CD, Open Office for MS Windows,
Tux Magazines (on CD) and more to students and other interested
community members."

= Recent Events

* LinuxWorld Expo
LA had a stand at LWE which was a great success - generally considered
the most popular stand in the show! Pia has already posted a report to
the list:


* Ballarat Installfest
Linux Users Victoria ran a very successful installfest in Ballarat on
March 18th. The event was opened by the local MP, Karen Overington,
and was very well attended. Linux Australia provided insurance cover
for the event. Rock on LUV!


= Upcoming Events

* Connecting Up 06
Paul Schulz is busily organising an LA presence at Connecting Up 06,
which will take place on May 1st and 2nd in Adelaide:


A grant request has been submitted to cover various costs associated
with the event:


Rock on Paul!

CeBIT will be another fantastic opportunity to show off FOSS to the
community at large, and we're only a few weeks away now so if you're
interested in helping out please contact Pia (pia at linux.org.au) ASAP.
Not only will we have a regular-sized stand for Linux Australia, but
we will also be managing an enormous Linux Demonstration Area with
machines for people to try Linux for themselves.

= Miscellaneous

* Report of Technological Protection Measures
The "Australian House of Representatives Report of Technological
Protection Measures under the AUSFTA" (what a mouthful!) was released
a couple of weeks ago, and the outcome was quite favourable. Of course
the report is only a recommendation and now it needs to be implemented
as law, and when Rusty and I were chatting about it on the weekend he
said that the terms of the AUSFTA may actually prevent the
recommendations being implemented directly. Grrr, stupid AUSFTA  :-(

However, all is not lost: Kim Weatherall has been working on a
proposal for achieving the same end result but in a different way that
works around the restrictions imposed by the AUSFTA. Go Kim!


That's it for this month: if you have been working on anything under
the Linux Australia name and would like to be included in the next
report please let me know.

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer
Linux Australia

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