[Linux-aus] Ubuntu Certification (was: lca2005 CD)

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed Apr 5 12:43:02 UTC 2006

<quoteth=" Jeff Waugh">

>I reckon it'd be great if more distros supported, assisted and improved the
>LPI effort. :-)

And therein lies another problem. How can Distro's without SugarDaddy or
Company assistance improve the LPI effort. If you were to go to Gentoo,
Slackware, DSL or FreeBSD and say to them "Hi, in your copious free time,
can you guys work with us to write a certification test for your distro so
we can insert a testing into the LPI stream ASAP?", I can image the response
would be a resounding silence, followed by a some rather colourful language.
I know there are groups like the FreeBSD and the Gentoo foundation, but I'm
sure paying people to work for a long period of time to create the required

Now, I'm sure we'll see a 104 Fedora, 105 Suse and 106 Mandriva since
Canonical has taken the lead, but how can LPI offer a solution for *all*
distros when they are developed as a matter of pride by the people creating
them, and not as a means for them to make a living by.

Again, please understand, I'm not bashing LPI or Canonical for their
efforts, I think they're great, but I'm also interested in promoting Linux
as an alternative OS to my clients, and certification is always one of their
first questions.


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