[Linux-aus] Linuxworld Success!

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Sun Apr 2 19:04:03 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I wanted to give a little summary of what happened at Linuxworld and how it
relates to our community. The quick synopsis:

It rocked and loads of people want to know about FOSS and community!

So, now for the longer version. We had a Linux Australia stand in the trade
show, which was seemingly one of the most busy stands for the entire three
days. We had some wonderful volunteers help out [1] and they did a great job
in informing people, and at the next SLUG meeting (on friday) saw new
members who had seen us at Linuxworld, so it is a success already at such
short notice of the next meeting.

The OSIA stand also did well, so congratulation to those people, in
particular David Elson and Donna Benjamin. Donna also put in loads of time
for the AV for the Linuxworld conference, so many thanks to her.

The conference was pretty good, we had some great speakers but it was at
times a little commercial (pesky sponsors). On the other hand Government day
was great! Every single speaker was excellent and had something really
interesting to talk about and I am hoping that Government day spurs many
conversations about how FOSS is relevant above and beyond business case

So, now we can prepare for CeBIT next month (May), after we've all slept
this one off :) We also have Software Freedom Day coming up in September so
start thinking about cool activities for that. I'll be coordinating both the
Linux Australia stand for Cebit and the SLUG Software Freedom Day (and any
national stuff that needs to happen for SFD, such as insurance and such like
last years effort). Last year we have 15 Australian LUGs participating in
Software Freedom Day, lets try and double that this year :)

[1] Many MANY thanks to the volunteers who helped out, and especially to
Lindsay Holmwood who was the team leader, and to Jeff Waugh who provided the
eye candy (Dapper Drake xgl, what else did you think I meant ;). Also many
thanks to Steve Walsh who ran around doing required foo (like picking up a
wig for Peter Quinn and getting the SLUG pamphlets printed).

- Lindsay Holmwood
- Jeff Waugh
- Steve Walsh
- James Gray
- Mark T
- Stuart Rushton
- Craige McWhirter
- Stuart Rushton
- Sara and Mohammad Kaan
- James Purser
- Martin Visser and his son :)
- Jon Oxer
- Stephan Borg
- Donna Benjamin
- Peter Lieverdink
- Darryl Lynch
- Mark Phillips
- Terry Dawson
- Scott Gourlay
- Simon Wong
- Ben Martin

Rock on Australia!


Linux Australia                                         http://linux.org.au/

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