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Michael Emery michael at wantadotcom.net
Sat Sep 3 16:49:01 UTC 2005

Hello Chris,

I'd like to see dvd's made available for smaller lugs for when they
can't get the interesting topics coming from their own membership and
don't have the numbers to justify bringing in speakers

Tuesday, August 30, 2005, 11:38:30 PM, you wrote:

CD> Date: 30th August, 2005.

CD> Project Name: Umm.. SLUG Video?!

CD> Aim of Project:

CD> For the past several years SLUG has been recording video of talks from
CD> our monthly meetings to DV. Some of this is already published on our
CD> website[1], however, there's a huge archive of raw DV to work through.

CD> The aim is basically to try and work through as much still-relevant
CD> media and get it online, licensed in either CC or public domain, of
CD> course. :)

CD> Person Resposible for Request:

CD> Chris Deigan <ctd at slug.org.au>. Note this request is being made
CD> independant of SLUG.

CD> Request:

CD> Anyone who's worked with raw DV footage will know files are rather
CD> massive (~10gb for your average one hour talk). This makes shuffling
CD> files around my rather limited space difficult, and often a reason for
CD> not working on the video.

CD> Being the poor student I am, I have the following proposition to make:

CD> Item                    | Price (approx)
CD> ------------------------|------------
CD> 200gb HardDisk          |       ~$140
IDE ->> USB/FW Enclosure |       ~$ 80
CD> DVD Burner              |       ~$100
CD> ------------------------|------------
CD> Total:                  |       ~$320

CD> The disk would be for storing DV whilst being edited, since I import DV
CD> on my laptop (it's the only box with a firewire port), the usb/firewire
CD> enclosure to go with it.

CD> The DVD Burner is for archival of the ~1-2gb full-quality theora encodes
CD> of video for archiving purposes.

CD> Those prices are estimations, most will be less or equal to, depending
CD> on what I can find price-wise. :)

CD> This is a fairly big ask for a single person, I know, but with this,
CD> more recent videos should be churned out faster, and more archival
CD> footage to be edited+encoded, benefiting the FOSS community and those
CD> interested in topics discussed. I hope. :)

CD> Cheers,
CD> -Chris.

CD> [1] http://slug.org.au/talks/

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