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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Mon Oct 31 20:04:02 UTC 2005

Hi Del,

<quote who="Del">

> So I will raise this one with LA and OSIA again.  Because it's an issue
> that affects Linux users rather than Linux companies, perhaps it's best
> brought to bear by LA.

Look I absolutely agree, and we need to take this up. Maybe we could have a
press release calling upon PC vendors to offer a blank hard disk option, or
at least to honor the cashback for rreturned licences. Want to write a short
press release? :)

I think this is a perfect time to make a suggestion I've been thinking about
for a while. Currently we have the LA ctte, which really should be about
running the org and providing direction, the LCA ctte, which strangely
enoughruns LCA, an up and coming press ctte and and an education ctte, both
of which are mainly for collaboration of foo, and I think we should have an
advocacy ctte. A committee of people who volunteer to put the time in to an
advocacy project for Australia. I would suggest this ctte would need ~7
committed individuals, it would need to meet by teleconference or IRC once
or twice a month, and it would need to be proactive and reactive to events.

I would be very willing to run/chair/cheerlead this committee. Who's with
me! ;) 

That way there is a ctte dedicated to advocacy without being distracted by
the running of an org. I still reckon that if we end up with several
sub-cttes in this fashion, then LA can be infinetly scalable in response to
the need of the day without putting unreasonable pressure on a small group
of individuals who keep the org ticking along.


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